An unconfirmed sighting of Xander somewhere in North, fall 2004.

Xander managed to graduate! He has since relocated to Oberlin West (aka the Bay Area) and even survived a job change with only minimal gnashing of teeth. Like all good liberal arts majors, his job has nothing to do with what he studied.

Rumor has it he types using some strange alien keyboard and his "computer" speaks neither Windows nor Mac.

alleged relationship with Oberwiki

According to legend, Xander started Oberwiki in August of 2004 with a set of matches, a bit of tinfoil, and some chemicals that still haven't been scheduled by the DEA. He kept tending the fire and adding more chemicals until other people started smelling the light and began writing things too (or not).

If you're interested in the future of Oberwiki, take a look at his nefarious plans for the thing. If you're interested in its past, check out Oberwiki's history or, if you recognize the stench of geek, the log of changes made to the software/installation.

contact info

  • email:
  • irc: alxndr on Freenode
  • he's on The Facebooks but avoids it as much as possible