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  • Add to Albums
  • A new picture for the "What's happening" box on the Main Page that illustrates the start of the fall semester. Maybe something with gaggles of first-years going to class, or leaves in Wilder Bowl turning? (If all else fails, we could go with Harris's photo of the Arb in fall.The picture should be stuck into Template:Whatshappening to get it to show up on Main Page.
  • There's a new easy way to add opinions on things: the <opinions /> tag. Now all course and professor pages need to have that tag added into their opinions sections...
  • Art department-related stuff should be in Category:Art department, not Category:Art
  • Pages for the Theatre and Dance, Environmental Studies, Music Education , and Jazz Studies ‎departments.
  • Update GAWS department page. Rediret GAWS to Gender and Women's Studies
  • Redirect Professor pages so that J.Doe connects to John Doe


New eye candy: clicking on an image thumbnail now displays the image full-size right there, without taking you off the page. Fancy!

All the courses posted on the online catalog now have pages here on Oberwiki. Search for your favorites and add some info, opinions or questions. Not all of the titles have come across cleanly, so if you notice any weirdness, let Alxndr know.


Possible uses for all the space we have here for the new semester:

  • co-op H/DLECs: post co-op policies, meeting recaps (could cut down on a lot of tedious email)
  • student groups: post meeting times, other info