The Oberlin Review

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The "official" campus newspaper. It's published every Friday during the school year, except for exam weeks and vacations, and can be found just inside the doorways of most buildings around campus on Friday afternoons.

The Review has its office in the east side of Burton's basement, all the way across from the Grape, the "alternative student newspaper". In recent years the two papers have carried on a friendly rivalry which culminated in a 2004 soccer game in which the Grape challenged the Review and was handily defeated 10-1. Since then, the Review has continually gloated, despite the fact that everyone on either staff at the time has long since graduated. Still, every year, the Review challenges a generally apathetic Grape staff to a rematch, to which the Grape responds with a hearty "Meh."

Consisting of five sections (News, Features, Commentary, Arts and Sports), the Review is the most comprehensive source for on campus news and events. The Features section was revived in the fall of 2006 after being dropped for several years. The Commentary section is a popular venue for students and faculty to advocate their opinions.

They will publish any editorial letter within a reasonable length from a student, faculty or alumni, and usually publish anything reasonable from other sources. This led to several months of an amusing semi-dialogue between Walker Evans and Joe Kimmel, which was almost completely incomprehensible and believed to be an elaborate inside joke.

A Brief...

  • 1874: Started as a semi-monthly one-page two-column newsletter with a one-person staff, and has been published continuously since