The Grape

The Grape bills itself as "Oberlin's Alternative Student Newspaper."

One of the two main student newspapers, the Grape began in 1999-2000 as a forum for feature-length articles and political commentary. Since then its focus has changed to that of a more traditional alt-weekly, including extensive coverage of the arts and popular music. It is perhaps most infamous for its "Bad Habits" section, which features reviews of pornography, essays on drug use, and mostly-nude centerfolds starring current students. It prints every other Saturday and has a friendly rivalry with the Review.

The office of the Grape is located in Burton's basement, on the west side (exactly opposite the Review's office).

Staff Fall '10



I was brainwashed against the Grape by a jealous Review writer at the beginning of my freshman year. Upon reading them, though, I realized that the Review was just boring. Adcjordan 22:44, 12 February 2007 (EST)


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The Grape has no online presence, and holds fast to the ephemeral quality that once characterized print media in days of yore.

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