Talcott Hall

One of Oberlin's older residence halls, located on West College Street. It holds 78 upper-class students in open doubles and singles.

Often considered to be the nicest dorm on campus. Some rooms have closets big enough to fit a bed and desk inside.

It is home to the Kosher-Halal Co-op.



From LiveJournal

"Talcott is hands-down the most beautiful dorm on campus, with huge rooms and walk-in closets that are half-again as big as the rooms. In the past, its community was defined by a group of 30 social, insane, and incredibly insular Early Decision Freshmen, with the majority of upper- classmen keeping quiet by themselves. It's all upper-class in 2004-05, which means sophomores can now get in, and the community will change. Whether it'll be more or less social remains to be seen, I suspect less. Talcott does feel like a big, beautiful house. The Kosher/Halal co-op provides nice smells. The lounges are really nice, and the hallways giant—they were built in 1888 to allow two women in hoop-skirts to pass side by side! (The things you learn...) Oh, and Talcott has cute (?) bats." --Ljuserinfo.pngilunas [1]

"the biggest rooms you'll find outside of J-house. One kitchen for 78 people -- once again, a bit of a problem, especially if no one washes the dishes (I advise keeping yours in your room, and investing in a personal refrigerator). nice open lounges, and the Purim party is usually here in the Kosher co-op. The community varies by year, probably the most of any dorm I've seen." --Ljuserinfo.pngjude [2]

"Blocked to freshmen next year, don't know what that'll do to the atmosphere. Still as beautiful as ever. Closets bigger than most State University dorm rooms." --anonymous [3]


  • It's been said that Talcott is made of extremely flammable stuff - i.e. if it caught flame, the inhabitants wouldn't have a chance. (UNTRUE: Talcott had a major renovation in 1986 that brought it completely up to fire code.)
  • I've heard that the last student to die on campus was a girl who lived in Talcott in the 1970's. She died on the front steps as the paramedics took her out of the hall. (UNTRUE: there was a suicide on south campus in the late '80s, and probably some other deaths since.)

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