South Hall

An X-shaped dorm close to the Conservatory. It holds 234 students in singles, divided doubles, quads, and super quads.

As of 2011-12, the northeast hall on the second floor is all-female. The rest of the building is now all-gender. Classics Hall resides on the third floor on the southeast wing, and World Cultures Hall is on the first floor on the same wing.

(In ~1993 the freight elevator's emergency stop didn't have an alarm; anyone know if that's still the case?)

As reported in the Review, South's basement is being converted into rehearsal studios and a scene shop for Winter Term 2006.



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Opinions from LiveJournal

"A big dorm that, despite its size, is a favorite of people from many class years. Individual halls can be devoid of community but also can have quite a lot of it, depending on your neighbors. Generally it’s pretty quiet. It's supposedly easy to get lost in, but really it's not that complicated, and the large bright hallways are welcoming (if somewhat impersonal). The gigantic central lounge that greets you when you enter is a wonderful place to hang out, and gives a chance for people from different wings of the building interact. There are small lounges and two decent-sized kitchens scattered throughout the building. Rooms are decent." --Ljuserinfo.pngilunas [1]

"easy to get lost in. The Hexagon Couch makes up for a lot though." --Ljuserinfo.pngjude [2]

"I live here now, and it's a very quiet dorm, despite having one of the the biggest main lounges on campus. On weekends certain rooms tend to get rowdy, but as far as I know it's not characteristic of Southies. The rooms are fairly nice--I'm in a quad and therefore am in one of the 8 open doubles in South, and therefore cannot venture too much on the divided double rooms, which dominate South. The ones I've been in look fairly nice and are adaquetely sized." --Ljuserinfo.pngkittykenko [3]

"When I lived there my freshmen year, it was really cool to meet various new people. Not only that, the lounge is very refreshing and makes everyone feel welcome as I definetly had a lot of all nighters in South. The RD was also the coolest guy to speak to." --Ljuserinfo.pngobie110 [4]

"It's almost as big as North, and the flickering lights make it uglier, however it's friendly and warm. The big entryway lounge becomes an ideal hang out spot, so you always meet people upon walking in. It has many lounges, and two kitchens. Quads have larger living rooms than north, but smaller bedrooms. Quads, divided doubles and singles." --Ljuserinfo.pngsettingshadow [5]

"HUGE, community goes by hall pretty much. Classics hall is GREAT. And I'm not biased at all. really. Classics hall at least tends to be on the studious side." --anonymous [6]

"Well, I've only ever lived/stayed in South, and I've had no real problems. Community does tend to go by hall, as someone else said, and with the occasional exception it's really been pretty quiet. Lots of Connies live here due to its proximity to the Con, and most of the people are really a studious lot. Not that we don't have fun, but this is definitely not the dorm to be in if you wanna rock and roll all night and party every day. Also once you get used to it, it really isn't all that hard to find your way around (it's shaped like an X, give or take)." --anonymous [7]


  • Its said that south was constructed in such a way so as to control student riots. (it was built during the Vietnam war) Hence the zigzag hallways and lack of landmarks within the building.

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