Safer Sex Night

Sometimes thought of as the "Homecoming Dance of Oberlin", Safer Sex Night is held at the 'Sco in October by the SIC. A cross between an educational event and an all-out party, Safer Sex Night is a time for scantily-clad Obies to get together for some wild dancing, free condoms and dental dams, listen to some music, and - if they wish - become more educated about sex. Many students have stories about interesting hookups that occurred as a result of the event. For students who aren't interested in the experience, some other event, such as lazer tag, is often scheduled.


A fun time, all in all. A lot of the costumes were good. My primary complaints about the 2007 SSN are that it fell on a weeknight and the music wasn't that great. Not necessarily a place to hunt for hookups, in my opinion, but a good place to take someone you already know. --User:Bogazog


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