Robert Young

There are two Robert Youngs: one is a Professor of Mathematics, and the other a member of the class of 2012.



Fall 2008

Spring 2009


"The Fundamental Theorem of the Calculus is ... really sexy!"

"Ahh, Damn I love six..."


Bob Young has been here quite a while, and while nearly everyone finds his lectures quite engaging and exciting, some students have a hard time actually learning the math from them -- Mr. Young likes to add a lot of drama and flavor, and some people find that because he picks exciting, rather than typical, examples, they don't actually understand the general principles at work. Many other students really love his classes though, so you just have to find out for yourself. My favorite quote about bob young is from the mouth of jon argaman: "He's like a modern dancer: you enjoy it, but you still don't understand." In conclusion, many people also find that if they have questions because they did not understand the lecture in class, then Mr. Young is not successful in providing a different (potentially more clear to the student who was confused) explanation. On the other hand, many people also find that Bob Young's explanations in class are flawless and brilliant. --jkimmel 23:20, 8 Nov 2005 (CST)

If you're looking for hand holding, look away from Robert Young. Or in his words, "You've been like sheep, just doing this stuff but not knowing why!"

In the hall of Gods that is the Math Dept at Oberlin, there is only one Zeus, and that's Bob Young. Can you feel the joy and the horra?

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