Randy Coleman

"...to enter you needed to take a sugar pill with a dot on it...and you rolled the dice, cause 1/3 of the dots were LSD..."

Yep, that's our (currently) eldest composition teacher speaking of Oberlin's glory days when he was but a wee lad out of grad school. Randy Coleman is many things, best summed up as "a real post-modern feminist old-time patriarch from Virginia." He is most feared for his red pen marks on freshperson's melody assignments and for the fabled "piece-per-day" routine with private students. His music contains much variety, with each new piece vastly different than what had come before. Also, as a result, he takes a long time in writing these pieces.

For the past 15-20 years, every course that Randy has taught has been called "Postmodernism." He has taught at Oberlin since 1965, placing him as the conservatory professor with the second-longest post at Oberlin, second only to David Boe.

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