Oliver Schirokauer

Professor of Mathematics



Fall 2008

Spring 2009


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"The ant, being somewhat limited in his ambulatory imagination, decides simply to walk in a circle around his ant-hole."

"There's this feeling that you need something really big to counteract the nihilistic effect of zero, and the only thing that could possibly do the job is infinity."

"So the derivative of tanX is sec2X."
anonymous student: "My god!"

"Now...I think...we're ready for the Chain Rule."
anonymous student: "Is this really the most powerful of all rules? I mean, this is such a red-letter day for all of us!"

"Up until now, I suspect that trigonometric functions have...not been a great source of joy for you. Well, sometimes they're kinda nice, I mean, they're curved... But you see, trigonometric functions really are at home in calculus. This is where they dwell peacefully, and have nice...ah..."
anonymous student: "Soirees."

"Yeah, you've got to remember that cosine and sine never hang out without a variable of some sort."
anonymous student: "They go to soirees."


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