OhioLINK (the Ohio Library and Information Network) is the consortium of libraries at 85 higher education institutions in the state, including the State Library of Ohio. (That's almost nine and a half unique library items!) It is a marvelous, amazing resource of people, library collections, electronic resources, and a fantastic system for sharing library materials among all students, faculty, and staff at OhioLINK locations. More than 6,300 journals are available online in the OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center (EJC) and there are over 100 research and reference databases accessible through OhioLINK.

You will undoubtedly take advantage of OhioLINK resources at some point during your time in Oberlin (perhaps on a daily basis!). Thank goodness for the foresight of the Ohio Board of Regents, may OhioLINK funding continue to be supported! Support OhioLINK Funding

Oberlin students can request an available item from OhioLINK and it will arrive at Mudd in a few days to a week. You can borrow any available book, video, or other item (but not most print journals) just by finding the catalog record in the OhioLINK Library Catalog, click on "Request This Item", and fill in the form you get. When your items arrive at Mudd, you'll get an email letting you know. If you don't pick up your items within a week, they get sent back!

OhioLINK loans last three weeks for most books. At the end of those three weeks, you can renew the book online for another three weeks. You can renew the book as many times as you like, as long as no one else has requested it. Late fines are 50 cents/day. Other materials have varied loan periods and fines(?)

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