Marc Blecher

A Professor of Politics and East Asian Studies, specializing in Chinese politics. He is also chairperson of the Third World Studies Committee.

The 'ch' in his last name is pronounced as a 'k'.

He says he has a reputation for being an unreconstructed Maoist, but that he's not so into that any more. He has grey hair and a beard and is a little gruff-looking, but is friendly and cracks jokes. He also swears a lot, which is usually amusing: "...and the bourgeoisie would say, 'Fuck you, we don't want that!'" Sometimes he goes off on little tangents and his voice gets gradually quieter until he resumes talking about what he was trying to talk about.

He has a flat in London too, apparently.



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"I took Blecher's class on Politics and Economics in Southeast asia last year. As a teacher he's pretty good, not usually boring, but no Eve Sandberg. He has a lot of knowledge about China, visited several times, wrote a book about the country (which we used in class). The other countries he had knowledge but every so often the Indian kid in our class would contradict what he said about India. He definitly has a soft spot for Marxism, take that as you will, I think its a positive, makes him interesting/unique. As far as grading, he's not too tough, and most importantly he let's you rewrite your papers as many times as you like. Verdict: Might as well go and see how he is, as with every politics professor, you'll either love him or hate him." --anonymous (15 Aug 2005) [1]

"Marxist. Has a soft spot for Mao, for some bizarre and anachronistic reason. Has a Gramsci soccer shirt. Got all sorts of enthusiastic about Gore in the 2000 presidential election, so was probably the founding member of Maoists For Gore. I was rather bored by him; I preferred Harlan Wilson when I took their co-taught Marxist Theory class. On the other hand, my best friend & others (mostly activist types) loved him" --Ljuserinfo.pngjedilawyer (15 Aug 2005) [2]


"I'm incorrigible." (12 Sep 2005)

on the Great Leap Forward: "It would be funnier if it weren't so disastrous." (5 October 2005)

describing the economic problems inherent to India's caste system: "One class was sucking off the class below them, which would suck off the class below them, and so on to the bottom."

during a discussion on gender inequality in India: "You guys are such fucking Obies!" (2 March 2007)

"I've been depressed about American (and world) politics my entire adult life." (in OAM, spring 2009)

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