Langston Hall

Langston Hall

No one calls it Langston. North is home to 233 students from all four class years. This modern, three-story building, designed in the shape of an X, has 12 coed sections. It also contains multiple lounges, a piano, two full kitchens, and two kitchenettes. There are seventy-one single rooms as well as a few divided doubles recently designated as super singles. Most of the remaining rooms are divided doubles and quads.

As of 2011-12, its second floor is the home of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Hall in Jewett, Wilkins, and Shaw, and Transfer Hall in Wager.


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One thing about North to keep in mind is that it is a haven for all smokers on Campus. At any hour or temperature you will find several people smoking cigs outside, usually sitting on the ledge underneath the Starlight Lounge and philisophizing or procastinating. This can be a great way to meet people and distract yourself (especially if you live in the dorms facing North Quad) but be prepared to hear loud drunken conversations into the wee hours of the night. --Sasha 09:50, 6 December 2006 (EST)

My room smelled funny. That seemed to go away eventually though. Anyway -- nice enough place to live, with some very good lounges on the second and third floors. A little bit far away from some things, though, so probably good to bring a bike. I heard it was built to be "riot-proof," whatever that means, but it is a bit creepy that you can stand in one lounge and generally be able to look in two or three others. Like, sitting in Starlight to look up and see someone staring at you from the third floor, next to the elevators. --adcjordan (6 Oct 2006)

I heard that North was in some of the worst repair of all the dorms, especially now that they purtied up Dascomb. -- (1 Aug 2005)

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At 230 or so students, North is the largest dorm on campus, but the extremely narrow and dark hallways make it very claustrophobic (more so than the slightly smaller but much nicer south.) It has been quiet in some years, but often ends up being a loud and unfriendly party dorm. The rooms are smallish, but the lounges (especially the "Starlight Lounge") are nice. --Ljuserinfo.pngilunas [1]

The hallways/rooms can be a bit claustrophobic. Supposedly it's built on the same plans as South, but somehow South never gave me that impression. --Ljuserinfo.pngjude [2]

I stayed here with a friend from home when I was a prospie. Average divided-doubleness EXCEPT THERE WAS A GIANT CENTIPEDE/MILLIPEDE/DEVIL-INCARNATE perched menancingly on her desk one morning. It was killed and thrown out of the window after I bolted out of the room whimpering. They have an air-conditioned lounge, I hear. --Ljuserinfo.pngkittykenko [3]

I've had a few friends in North, which has turned out to be very convenient. Though North is by no mens the center of campus, it has the largest lounges and quads in (relative) abundance, so it quickly became a good place for my friends and I to meet up in. I wouldn't recommend this so much if you like to get to sleep earlier, but the environment in North, whether or not you're in a quad, is a good way to meet a few good friends. It's been a fairly loud dorm this year (2003-2004), but that varies a lot with what floor you're on (the first and third are more active than the second). I like North because I played DDR there all the time first semester. --Ljuserinfo.pngrchicken [4]

When I was there, it was an extremly quiet dorm, but one that lent itself to communities. Part of this was the divided doubles--you had a roommate, but you also had your space. I found many friends there my freshman year, and had no complaints. I have been informed, however, that this has changed since I lived there. --Ljuserinfo.pngresearcher [5]

When I lived there it was...dormy. It's a very archtypal dorm (I mean towards all college dorms, rather than Oberlin dorms). More partying than many other dorms. Pretty ugly. But it's the newest dorm (That doesn't say much). It's also the largest -- I don't consider it a good place to make Dorm Cliques, but some of my best friends from Oberlin I met entirely because they lived there too, so it is a good way to meet people. Five medium-large lounges and two smaller ones and 2 or 3 kitchens, making it one of the best dorms lounge/kitchen-wise. Smallish singles, divided doubles and quads --Ljuserinfo.pngsettingshadow [6]

I was under the impression it was loud/ party dorm. This may be due to the beer-bottle cap collection of one of the RA's last year."--anonymous [7]

North I have gotten amazingly lost in, just as a visitor. It can be a bit of a pain if you invite friends over and live in North and they don't. --anonymous [8]

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