King Building

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King Building

The King Building is Oberlin College's main Computer Science, Humanities, Mathematics, and Social Science classroom building. It houses the department offices of Anthropology, Classics, Computer Science, Rhetoric and Composition, Mathematics, Philosophy, and Sociology, as well as classrooms. The classroom format varies from small seminar rooms to larger lecture halls.


To accomodate the wide array of classes, many classrooms contain permanent video projectors and networked computers. There is also pretty good wireless Internet access throughout the building. Several rooms have also been fitted to serve as Conservatory classrooms as part of a 'Study Abroad' program designed to introduce Con students to different cultures. Some people find this annoying as think it's disruptive to have to hear music excerpts during their class on poetry and identity in the Byzantine period.


King also has several open lounges for students use in between classes. These are fairly comfortable, but the third floor's probably the most so (along with classroom furniture, as the third floor recently got renovated). It is not uncommon to find CS majors and their friends sleeping on the couches in one of them.