John Hobbs

John Hobbs has been an Associate Professor of English since 1966, specializing in 20th-century poetry and fiction.


John Hobbs is the worst professor I have ever had. Never take a class from him. --Crazydelicious (18 March 2009)

False. Hobbs is great, don't believe the unfounded rumors — (12:42, 20 March 2009EDT)

True. He's terrible. And skeevy. — (20:28, 9 April 2009EDT)

He possesses one of the most soporific voices I've ever encountered. Not good for morning courses! — (13:34, 7 May 2009EDT)

I'm of the Hobbs is great opinion. — (19:53, 7 May 2009EDT)

The opinion of anyone named Crazydelicious cannot be true. Hobbs is awesome. — (00:27, 14 July 2009EDT)

He is highly underrated and super awesome. Who said he had a soporific voice? His voice is amazing... you should _be_ lucky enough to hear him read! — (18:32, 8 January 2010EST)

He reads very well. That said, he can't really teach. — (13:23, 18 February 2010EST)

Hobbs is a pleasant man with a quiet humor or, perhaps, understanding of some cosmic irony. He's been known to not hear opinions that don't align with his own. Often, his opinions are quite insightful. However, after a student complaint in 2006-2007, Hobbs enacted a silent protest against the negative opinion about his teaching by bringing in "guest lecturers" nearly every week. Snagamat (04:32, 28 May 2010 EDT)

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