Jed Deppman


Deppman is far and above the best professor I've had at Oberlin. --Ljuserinfo.pngr4bidw0mb4t (6 Feb 2006) [1]

Deppman is the kind of professor that everyone should take at least one class from as a student in Oberlin. --Ljuserinfo.pnggrumblecakes (6 Feb 2006) [2]

Totally brilliant, totally hilarious, best laugh ever. --Chromiumdioxide, 18 January 2009

Not just brilliant, but a phenomenal teacher and just a sweet, wonderful person as well. --, 31 July 2009


In August of 2008, Professor Deppman was diagnosed with colon cancer.

As of 2011 he continues to teach at Oberlin.

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