James Caldwell

Deceased Professor of Oboe in the Conservatory; died in 2006. He and his wife Cathy built the wildly angular house opposite the intersection of Morgan Street and Pyle-South Amherst Road.

Letter to the Oberlin Community from President Dye:

To the Oberlin College Community:
I write with sadness to tell you that our friend and colleague James Caldwell died last night at Elyria Memorial Hospital after a long illness.
Jim was Professor of Oboe and had a long and distinguished career here since his initial appointment to the Conservatory Faculty in 1971. Jim held a diploma from the Curtis Institute of Music. Before coming to Oberlin he was principal oboist with both the Puerto Rico Symphony and the Chicago Little Symphony from 1961-65. He was a member of the Washington National Symphony 1965-66 and 1968-71.
At Oberlin, Jim was the founding director of the Baroque Performance Institute from 1972-1992.
Jim will be remembered by his friends, colleagues, and students not only as a premiere oboist and pedagogue, but also as a premiere Oberlin personality. We will miss him greatly.
On behalf of the entire Oberlin community, I extend condolences to Jim's wife, Cathy, and to his son, Jonathan. Arrangements for a memorial gathering were still being made at the time of this writing.
Nancy S. Dye

(8 Feb 2006)

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