Hirschel Kasper

Professor of Economics.




An absolutely legendary professor. He seems to come to class and talk about whatever happens to be on his mind (and vaguely related to the course). His examples are numerous and brilliant, and his sense of humor is delightfully dry. If you don't have a mind for the material, he probably won't be your favorite. He takes his time returning graded material (the little of it there is), but who cares.


-(after a student asks a queastion he doesn't want to answer) "I don't like the question. The question I like is..." (he then asks and answers the question he likes.)

-"Instead of Oberlin, suppose you went to Southwest Missouri State for Retarded Woodsmen..."

-"Gambling is like a merry-go-round; you don't go anywhere, but there are the lights and the music and you go up and down and around..."

-(while explaining indefference curves) "People often spend a lot of time making hard decisions. When a decision is hard, it means you are close to indifferent, so it makes very little difference to your utility. You should spend the most time making the easy decisions, because those are the ones that make the biggest difference to your utility, so you want to be sure to get them right."

-"So maybe you want to buy a box of peanuts, or a box of Easter eggs, for uhh...Easter."

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