A template is a page that can be included in another article. Adding a template to an article is sort of like copying and pasting the contents of that template into the article.

To add a template to an article, all you have to do is surround the name of the template with double curly braces (these things: {{ }}). So if there's a template named "Students", to include it in an article, you just type {{Students}} in the text of the article.

Template pages are named "Template:TemplateName". They can be created and used by anyone.


Templates can have options that change exactly what is included. You should be able to find a description of each template and its options on each template's page. Options are passed to a template by putting them inside the curly braces, separated by a vertical bar: |


{{Students | howmany = 13 }}

...passes the value "13" to the Students template, as a variable named "howmany". The template will do something with the variable, maybe display a different way.

Finding templates

All templates on Oberwiki are listed in Category:Templates.

More info

More on what templates are and what you can do with them can be found at A quick guide to templates at MetaWiki. More detailed info is at their template help page, and still more info is at their advanced template help page.