Group showers

Harkness, Burton and Fairchild have group showers, sort of like high school gyms. (Burton also has stall-style showers.) Sometimes they're gender-neutral, sometimes they're not — the house usually votes on it.

With the exception of Harkness, however, what you must understand is that two shower curtains divide the "group shower" into three separate compartments. This means that in Fairchild and Burton the term group shower is a misnomer. Don't sweat it! So, you can relax now, nervous first-years.

Additionally, the E system helps let you decide who can and can't shower with you. Yes, people respect it.


Definitely a great way to get more comfortable with your body. Even if a little uncomfortable at first. Since all the other ones have been converted Harkness is where its at. 16:43, 6 November 2007 (EST)

Spacious, room to put your shower stuff and your beer. Fun. And the water pressure and heat in Harkness is great. —alxndr 01:34, 31 May 2006 (EDT)

Group showers were scary at first, but eventually they made me a lot more comfortable with my body. It's really cool to be able to be naked in front of people without freaking out about what they're going to think. --Jaak 14:55, 18 Aug 2005 (CDT)

"I myself was somewhat concerned, but really nobody looks or cares. Sometimes there are eight other people in the shower with you (Fairchils 3rd floor has a large shower room), but most of the time I had the place to myself. It's only the people from your dorm, and more realistically, the people from your floor that would be in there. It's not a place where people will come from other dorms just to see naked people, it's just a shower. Two major major pluses to open showers are that there is almost always an open shower which means there isn't a line in the morning and you won't have to wait and possibly skip showering or miss class. Also, some of the showers in dorms are quite small and difficult to move around in. They are limited in number and there are usually long waits in the morning. And afternoon. And evening. Not a problem with open showers. Room to move, room to stretch, room to bend over so you can shave if you're so inclined." --Ljuserinfo.pngsnowpyre (8 Jun 2003) [1]

"Showering in groups is kinda fun. Sometimes there are parties in the showers. Sometimes we tape the drains and fill up the whole room like a big bubble bath. They're really nifty." --Ljuserinfo.pnglilyofthewest (7 Jun 2003) [2]

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