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Oberlin Fight Song

The original Oberlin Fight Song was penned in 1852 by a group of students and unofficially used by the student body until the adoption of "Ten Thousand Strong." The second stanza is thought to have been a later addition. The facetious nature of the lyrics made it unsuitable for public events, but it nevertheless persisted in student culture until the World War II era.

"Ten Thousand Strong," Oberlin's current (but virtually unknown) fight song, was officially accepted by the College in 1928 so as to avoid the embarrassment of the traditional jocular anthem being sung at intercollegiate events.

During the 1990s and early 2000s, neither song was played at Oberlin sporting events, because neither the athletic department nor the Oberlin College Marching Band had a copy of the music. In lieu of fight music, the marching band would play the Alma Mater processional twice as fast.

Oberlin Fight Song Lyrics Circa 1852

We're the Oberlin Yeomen. We Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight!
We computate, read and debate from morning till the night.
We're Oberlin. We always win. We're Oberlin. We always win.
We'll rise to any height.
We're the Oberlin Yeomen. We fought, fought, fought, fought, fought.
We aced the test but on the field our efforts were for nought.
We're Oberlin. We never win. We're Oberlin. We never win.
Some things just can't be taught.

Oberlin Fight Song sheet music OberlinFightSong.png

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