Fairchild Co-op

The dining co-op in the basement of Fairchild, likewise abbreviated to Fairkid.

Fairchild is traditionally the co-op with the strictest food policy, intended to reduce Fairchild's environmental impact while promoting social justice and animal rights, as well as provding the healthiest food options.

Food policy is voted on each semester, usually aiming to keep the co-op eating as much organic and locally-grown food as possible, and also to give the co-op a sense of social responsibility. Examples of Fairchild's restrictions in the past include the following:

  • No meat allowed on the premises (a portion of the co-op is strictly vegan)
  • All baked goods must contain at least 50% whole-grain flour
  • No sugar, molasses, or any product deriving from sugar cane
  • No iceberg lettuce
  • No bananas or grapes that aren't fair trade and organic (which usually means no bananas, since it is nearly impossible to buy bananas that do not come from plantations that exploit their workers).

Fairchild is one of the smaller, more laid-back co-ops and has a more intimate atmosphere than that of nearby (and politically similar) Harkness.

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