East Hall

A large dorm shaped like an E, which holds 187 students in singles, divided doubles and quads.

Some of the finest RAs in the school live and work at East. Truly, the residents of East live an incongrous, oxymoronic lifestyle--their dingy, ugly building is set off by the shining, brilliant RAs.

The current residents of East Hall have a camaraderie not unlike that of a wild band of refugees. One of said wild children has been quoted as saying, "We are the Eastern Bloc--still recovering."

The quiet hall is no longer on the third floor; as of 2010-11 it is the fourth floor of Burton.

Matt McLaughlin just found this. What a man.

East is getting new windows, radiator controls, steam traps, and tying in to the Resource Monitoring System. [1]



East is a lovely place to live out of someone else's room. That is to say, if you have a SO in East, it's a fairly nice place to wake up in the morning, especially, if you dislike the clamor of, say, Barrows. The divided doubles make for a very nice amount of privacy. Also quiet. --Jwisser 06:56, 23 June 2006 (EDT)

Heard it described as "the place where fun goes to die." Generally dark, ugly and creepy. 10:55, 15 May 2007 (EDT)

From LiveJournal

"The ugliest dorm on campus is the illegitimate child of a 1950s motel and mutant letter 'E'. Has a quiet hall,' and is quiet generally. A good place to live if you’re studious and like your peace and quiet. Granted, this changes from year to year." --Ljuserinfo.pngilunas [2]

"Looks like a 2-star motel. The scariest piano couple in the universe is in one of the lounges--one painted a garish salmon pink, the other stripped of all its ivory, they slouch grouchily next to each other like a married couple that's lost their spark. Also out of tune. The rooms are average divided-doubles. Fairly comfy when I visited." --Ljuserinfo.pngkittykenko [3]

"It is not the best looking dorm, but community is very friendly. I am the RA here for this year [2004], and I just love talking to my residents." --Ljuserinfo.pngobie110 [4]

"Another quiet dorm. This one really felt more like a hotel for me, as I only lived there a single semester, and I had my own bathroom. (I was extremely lucky in my timing.) If you like peace and quiet, it's a good choice, but the community never seemed as strong." --Ljuserinfo.pngresearcher [5]

"IMHO, the ugliest dorm on campus, inside and out. It looks like a hotel directed by colour-blind people who were trying to scare off customers. The rooms are usually in ill-repair: don't be surprised if you're missing a bookcase when you move in. Although it has a reputation of being a quiet dorm, it differs greatly from year to year, as a lot of sophmores go there to get the last available singles on campus. Usually the people in there are not looking for new friends, and are academic if not studious and/or quiet. Four lounges, two of which have oft malfunctioning TVs, an extremely poorly equipped and undersized kitchen. Very small singles, divided doubles and quads. I would recommend avoiding if possible (as if you couldn't tell.)" --Ljuserinfo.pngsettingshadow [6]

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