Drag Ball

Drag Ball is an annual event in which you dress in drag and attend the party in fully-decorated Wilder. Some nationally-known drag queens and kings are invited as guests each year. The Ball has been traditionally viewed as the final event in Transgender Awareness Week, which features workshops and events addressing and educating about transgender issues (among other things?), but is no longer connected with it.

Tickets are around $12.

Pictures from Drag Ball 2006 can be found on Flickr. Check out all pictures tagged "dragball" for more. The Flaming Blades have their own pictures too.

Drag Ball 2010 is canceled:

"To break it down, there are two groups of DB supporters: those who love DB, and those who love DB so much that they're willing to organize, plan, and execute it (like my old friend Hailey Laws, who can tell you a lot about sacrifice and what it takes to make DB happen). The latter camp is virtually non-existent these days, and therein lies our problem." --Ben Jones
"[I]f students did not charter the group, did not plan and organize the event in advance, and did not procure funding through procedures that all student organizations use to fund their activities, DB would be in jeopardy. When none of those things happened, those of us who participated in that discussion - including this year's sole student organizer - reached consensus that DB should be canceled for spring 2010." --Linda Gates


Drag Ball is kind of like the prom of Oberlin, and it's a lot of fun to see all your friends in drag. Recommended. --User:Bogazog, 27 June 2008

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