Darrett Adkins


A professor of Violoncello, Darrett Adkins has performed as a soloist alongside the Tochio Soloisten, the North Carolina Symphony, the New Hampshire Symphony, Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Tokyo Philharmonic, and National Symphony of Brazil, amongst others. He premiered Franco Donatoni's cello concerto Un Ruisseau sur l'Escalier in 1999 and Harrison Birtwistle's Meridian in 1900, and his other professional performances include the six-hour long Second String Quartet of Morton Feldman and Pierre Boulez' Messagesquisse. Music critic Alex Ross wrote that Adkin's performance of Feldman's Second Quartet was “a disorienting, transfixing experience that repeatedly approached and touched the sublime”. To quote his professional website:

"Cellist Darrett Adkins belongs to a new generation of American musicians who are redefining the concert experience. His critically acclaimed performances of contemporary music have inspired critics to call him “Stunning”, “Intensely involving”, “Heroic”, and “Fiery”. His appetite to bridge the world between the established tradition and the avant-garde enables him to explore repertoire in almost every genre – from the classical cannon, to the contemporary frontier"

(from http://www.darrettadkins.com)

  • B.M. Oberlin Conservatory, 1991
  • M.M. Rice University
  • D.M.A. Juilliard School

(from http://www.oberlin.edu/con/faculty/adkins_darrett.html)



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