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The Cable Co-op is a major provider of internet access to the town of Oberlin. While students in The College use ResNet and deal with its various problems, many others use the cable co-op. Legend has it that you can also get some version of Verizon.

The Cable Co-op is really run as a cooperative, which is pretty cool. Annoying things about it include that it is only slightly faster than ResNet and that there is a monthly per-account 3 Gigabyte download cap, which means that if a house of 4 splits internet access, people have to be reasonably careful not to habitually download large chunks of video or audio. Otherwise the cap is not a limit, and if you have a laptop you can always carry it on to campus to download all the larger things.



Cable TV provided by the Cable Co-op includes 70 channels, with the possibility of additional channels such as HBO. The co-op also offers digital cable.

See also List of cable channels.



2006 rates are slightly less than $50/month for the described somewhat slow service with download cap. You'll really feel a lot better about this price if you're splitting the cost with a few people. Now in 2011, it is upwards of $70/month for the same connection that apparently drops and slows down constantly


Check out Verizon DSL instead. They offer better internet for cheaper.

The Cable Co-Op provides acceptable internet access at an acceptable price (that is, assuming you're splitting it, of course). They choke Bit-torrent and Gnutella traffic a bit, so file sharing is weak at best, and often impossible, but everything else is pretty speedy. As long as you remember the details they give you, setting up a wireless network using the Cable Co-Op's internet presents no problem. --Jwisser 00:40, 30 June 2006 (EDT)

The slowest internet package available (I believe $25) is the saddest excuse for cable internet I have ever experienced. At best, speeds reach 450kbps (roughly 9 times faster than 56k). As a result you can't really even stream Youtube videos, or download anything successfully in a reasonable amount of time. Forget about browsing while you download anything else. Their other packages are worthless for the money they charge you for it. Worst internet provider ever.

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