Burton Hall

Burton Hall
Interior of the elevator in Burton, 2006

A large dorm with room for 193 students in singles and open doubles.

The fourth floor is Quiet Hall in the 2011-12 school year. Part of the first floor is also Sustainability Hall.

Burton was renovated in 2009 -- no more group showers.

The Oberlin Review and the Grape have their offices in the east and west sides of the basement, respectively.



From LiveJournal

“It's really nice and really social if you can get it, or at least it was for me 4 years ago.” --Ljuserinfo.pngspastikmooss, June 2008 [1]

"Burton ws a big beautiful building framing North quad. The 3rd-largest dorm, but with a main section and two wings, it doesn't feel like it. Large nice rooms of varying sizes (unlike the impersonal cookie-cuter arrangement of newer dorms). Somewhat noisy, but also has a very good community. The showers were a group-set up with curtains (gym style), and this bothers some people, but I don't think it's a big deal. The campus newspapers have their offices in the basement. In my opinion, it's the best option on North campus for freshmen, and not a nice place for others too." --Ljuserinfo.pngilunas [2] [Note: showers weren't group-style any more]

"rooms were a nice size, but there were frequently people playing electric guitars (either in the dorm or RIGHT outside) at all hours of the day and night. Also, the radiators (like the radiators on most of north campus) sound like there is a guy living in them and banging around." --Ljuserinfo.pngjude [3]

"Wasn't a bad one to be a freshman in, it usually has quite the community. A lot louder than East or North, it also tends to have the problems of a dorm with lots of freshmen." --Ljuserinfo.pngresearcher [4]

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