Booker Peek

Booker Peek is an associate professor in the African American Studies deptartment.




He is infamous among alert readers of the Oberlin Review commentary pages for his prolific and inane letters to the editor. He doesn't have a PhD, and it isn't entirely clear why he teaches here. -- (10 May 2005)

Booker Peek is incredible. I have just made him my advisor. I have had him for AAST3??-Black Pedagogy and AAST285(?) practicum in tutoring, and plan to take many more classes with him. He is extremely intelligent, but the opposite of preachy. He sincerely cares what students think and wants to know what they have to say. He is beyond understanding of any problems you may have, and he is incredibly easy to talk to. He is longwinded, but would be the first to admit it himself. He has an incredible history, and a true passion for educating people of all ages. He is an incredibly sweet man, and a wonderful teacher. Get to know him while he is still at Oberlin.

--1st Year Male


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