Abe Socher


Professor of religion and Jewish Studies.


Great teacher general all round good guy — (23:11, 30 December 2008EST)

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"Imagine that the op-ed pages of the New York Times were witty..." [1]

"[Martin] Buber was the first great tree-hugger of the twentieth century." [2]

"I don't think I wrote a paper longer than fifteen pages before I wrote my dissertation. Anyhow, most papers longer than fifteen pages shouldn't be." [3]

"It's because of the high premium put on bullshit in graduate school." [4]

on Voltaire: "Brilliant, witty...and perhaps just a little bit shallow." [5]

on Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary: "It's a great read. My father kept it on the back of the toilet in his bathroom." [6]

"I want the Torah, but I need sex: the rabbinic student dilemma." [7]

on Geertz: "He loves them witches and that is some crazy shit!"

"Doctors, they're just glorified technicians"

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